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The Bouvier Family Album

The Bouvier Family in the 1890’s. Major, Maude and their children Bud, Maude, Edith, John III and Michelle.  

Young John ‘Jack’ Bouvier III (1890-1957).

Jacqueline Bouvier (1929-1994), from 1961-1963 she would be First Lady by her marriage to the 35th US President, John F. Kennedy.

Sweet little Jackie in East Hampton.

Janet Lee Bouvier (1907-1989) and her first-born.

Jackie was the eldest daughter of John ‘Black Jack’ Bouvier III. She was his favorite and Jackie on the other hand adored her father. 

In 1933 Jackie’s sister Caroline (Lee) was born.

On this photo young Jackie and Lee were attending a dog show.

Jack Bouvier, Jackie and Major Bouvier (1865-1948)

Black Jack and teenager Jackie.

Style icons Jackie and Lee Bouvier

1960: Lee with her baby Anthony Radziwill (1959-1999) and Jackie with her daughter Caroline Kennedy (1957).

Christina Radziwill (1960) and her brother Anthony

John F. Kennedy, Jr. (1960-1999) and Anthony Radziwill would be like brothers all of their short lives.

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