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JFK’s only grandson

This photo was taken when America cried because of the loss of John F. Kennedy, Jr, his wife Carolyn and sister-in-law Lauren Bessette. JFK Jr was not only Jack’s uncle but also his godfather. When John died little Jack, he was six at the time, wrote a letter to Ted Kennedy where he wrote: ”Do you want to be my godfather now?” 

Jack Schlossberg (18) very much resembles his uncle John when he was young, but he also looks like his father Ed. He seems to have inherited the thick Kennedy hair also. If you see his sister Tatiana, it can’t be denied that the Bouvier genes are very strong! 

John Bouvier Kennedy Schlossberg was born January 19, 1993. He’s the third child and only son of Edwin Schlossberg and Caroline Kennedy. John, nicknamed Jack just like his grandfather, currently lives in New York City together with his parents and sisters Rose (22) and Tatiana (20). This photo was taken at the Democratic National Convention in 2008.

Young Jack attends Collegiate School, but graduates this year.

The grandson of president Kennedy is living a fairly normal life in New York City and is ‘just one of the boys’.

He seems to care a lot about his mother :)

It is not known if Jack, who graduates this year, will follow his sister Rose to Harvard. Harvard University was visited by many Kennedys, including his grandfather John F. Kennedy. But he could also attend Brown, like his uncle John, or follow Tatiana to Yale. The Schlossbergs live very privatly, and with a few exceptions the grandchildren of JFK did not grow up in the spotlight. 

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