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What Remains - Happy New Year

December 1998

Over dinner we talk about trips. ”Lets go to Cuba next year,” John says. ”I’ll fly us.”

”I’ll risk commercial,” Anthony says, not missing a beat.
John moves past it. ”We”ll go in November; it’s the best time of the year.”
Out loud we imagine sunbathing on the white sand, strolling along the Malecon, by the sea, smoking Cuban sigars with Castro - this gets a laugh.” And let’s go to Greece in the summer,” John says. ”Wouldn’t it be fun, Anthony, to go back to Skorpios? I’d love to see it again. We”ll show the girls what they missed working at Caldor.”
Anthony smiles. Carolyn and I roll our eyes.
”You have to charter it now,” I say, referring to Christina, the Onassis yacht. ”You better call early.”
John is serious. ”Maybe I could arrange to stay in the pink house, on the island.”
We use the word tradition over and over. Our new tradition, Carolyn says. We”ll do this every year. And we talk breezily, brazenly, about the years ahead, our futures and where they’ll take us. Anthony wants to build a log cabin in Alaska. John offers to cut down the trees.
These are the sorts of things you talk about when one year is ending, another waiting to begin.
After dinner we sit in the living room for a little while before they leave. John on the tiger-print couch, Carolyn snuggled drowsily on his lap. I squeeze next to Anthony on his chair and he kisses my cheek. I could stay here like this forever, but we’re all leaving in the orning to get on planes and so we stand and stretch and the start the notions of ending the night.
”It was nice wasn’t it?” she whispers in my ear as I help her with her coat. ”We should do it again next year, shouldn’t we?”
”Yes, we will,” I say.

What Remains: A memoir of fate, friendship and love (2005) - Carole Radziwill

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