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There’s a statement that says that ‘behind every great man there is a great woman’. As for Jackie, Ethel and Joan Kennedy that’s especially true. They were the woman who were married to political icons John, Robert and Edward Kennedy.
Joan Bennett Kennedy celebrated her 75th birthday on September 9th. She had a very difficult marriage to Ted Kennedy, often dealing with many family tragedies and alcoholism. Some books stated that Teddy and Joan were ‘not really in love’ when they married in 1958. Yet they stayed together for many years mainly because of Ted’s political career and their three children Kara, Teddy Jr and Patrick. The couple divorced after being married for 25 years, in 1982.
Joan has struggled with alcoholism for many years. In 2005, the Kennedy children became the legal guardians of their mother Joan due to her chronic alcoholism and mental illness. In August 2009 Joan was in attendance at the funeral for her ex-husband, but stayed out of the spotlight saying she didn’t want to be intrusive.

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